Aim Steel Lawsuit

We are currently awaiting a court date for a customer that did not pay us for services performed.  As of 2017-2018, they have
filed bankruptcy.  We just want to remind everyone to check credit of any customer, and look back through prior businesses that
they have owned.  On May 18, 2017, we had a "Notice of Appointment of Interim Trustee and Section 341a Meeting of
Creditors" in Atlanta.  On this day, we found out that Aim Steel International, Inc. had their checking account frozen and are no
longer allowed to operate.  Omar Ali had "resigned" and had "David Brown" as the main operating figurehead.  During these
discussions, there are many companies listed in order to bring confusion to the situation.  They use ASI Baja, Aim Steel LLC,
Aim Steel International, Inc, and others.  

Also, when considering extending a company new credit, look into the people/companies that they list as references. Investigate
the owners and make sure they are not relatives of the person asking for credit.     

We thank the potential creditors that have called us to find out about any updates to their credit standing.  As of today, May 30,
2018, we are still unpaid on this account.  We hope to help others to be proactive and to not be a victim to this company.  

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See below.  These documents can be found anywhere online and are public information.  (More to be added, until we are paid.)

Omar Ali i
s stating that he is employed by Steel Fabrication Exponents, LLC as of 2017-2018.   The website is
.  We plan to follow this company as well, and will continue to update this website accordingly.  
Steel Erectors Inc Lawsuit vs. Aim Steel International

Aim Bankruptcy 10 2016 Case 16-67661

Prior Bankruptcy Documents as Aim Steel, Inc (Omar Ali)

Aim Bankruptcy Chapter 11 change to Chapter 7 - 04/2017
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