Experience is the key in our operation
and we hope that you see the difference
that our experience makes for your

First Owners Meeting, July 2007
Jim, David, Peter, Shelly & Leslie

We want to give special recognition to
two people that have helped us make
our start and have supported us our
entire life.  They are the epitome of what
retirement should look like.  We hope
they enjoy retirement to the fullest!  

Philip and Josette Clifton

Employee Appreciation Lunch
April 2009

Steel Day Luncheon
September 2011
Steel Erector Savannah

David C. Clifton
David brings over 30 years of industry
experience (especially Steel Erection) to this
operation.  David oversees the fabrication &
erection department and serves as President
of Steel Erectors, Inc.

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Leslie Clifton Shinn
Leslie brings purchasing, management and
Industrial Engineering experience to Steel
Erectors.  Leslie is the office manager and will
work to streamline and improve our
processes in order to bring the best product to
our customers at the best price.  

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Jim Shinn
Jim serves Steel Erectors as Executive Vice
President & brings over 25 years of
managerial and military experience to the

Shelly Clifton
Shelly brings transportation management
experience to the company and works in the
office with payroll and other financial duties in
the office.  

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Peter Clifton
Peter brings over 15 years of industry
experience and provides consulting services
to Steel Erectors as needed.  
Serving the Southeast with Steel Fabrication and Steel Erection Services

David Hudson
David began working with Savannah Steel
Company in 1993 as a Fitter in the Fab Shop.  
In less than a year, he was promoted to Fab
Shop Foreman and continues in the role with
Steel Erectors, Inc.  In his spare time, David
makes furniture from steel.  Friends,
co-workers & family stand in line to get his next
creation.  David will be retiring in 2020 and we
can't wait to see the creations he makes when
he is at home!

Josh Gibbs
Josh has been working for Steel Erectors as
the Steel Erection Foreman, overseeing our
field work.  You can see some of
Josh's handiwork on our project pages!